Don't call it a comeback

When in doubt, stop...doubting Posted by Art Mills

Apr 8, 2023

I have, actually, been here for years

Just not here here. Motivation has been lacking to generate a personally made website and do anything with it because I went from a consultant to a man ensconced in the warm embrace of corporate paycheck regularity.

Skills were kept fresh.

Just not THAT fresh. With motivation restored, I'll try to talk about the waste of time neat tech things I do.

Because I think I spent enough time making this work and look ok enough to use.

Like, I can do fenced code blocks (thanks to Goldmark and no thanks to Blackfriday :

Fun truncate words function

package helpers

import "strings"

func TruncateWords(content string, wordLimit int) string {
	words := strings.Fields(content)
	if len(words) <= wordLimit {
		return content
	return strings.Join(words[:wordLimit], " ") + "..."

Learning Golang and using it to make a page years after focusing mostly on Ruby and Rails has been quite fun and attention grabbing. Just making simple things like the code above to limit the word count on my home index page and my notes index page makes me smile.

I won't much change the world. But I'll have fun wasting time this way for a while at least :).