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Time wasted productively is still time wasted

Not done with Go just yet

I'm just looking at you, Python.

I find myself still weirdly drawn to Go. Something about it is different enough and interesting enough to make me want to solution with it. Python is great. Django is a miracle. I will, no question about it, use Django and Python to spike …

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The joy of simple

After three hours of hard

Users sometimes forget their passwords. I mean, I don't, but I have the same password for everything. Wait, no I don't. That's silly. Stop lying.

Anyway, I've never specifically done that so I wanted to. Using Django there's lots of free power and templates and …

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It's ok to be a little dirty

I am a neat freak.

Shut up, mom!

Ok, when I learn new coding projects, I like to pretend an am super smart and am writing something someone else might care about one day, far from now. In this Python/Django replacement for my personal blog site, I focused on replacing …

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And now we're Django/Python

Excited much?

Last year I joined my daughter in solidarity with her decision to attend the University of Minnesota by learning Golang and having a great deal of fun with it. She was a Gopher. So I WAS A GOPHER. I genuinely liked the simplicity and power in several tasks …

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