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Lessons in order

And why the ChatGPT rate limit can be a good thing

I see problems with the code blocks here. Gonna have to fix that...

Apr 28, 2023
When doing it right sucks

And no it isn't all the time

Though it may be most of the time.

I am writing a silly website for my daughter who...

Apr 23, 2023
GPT-4 (and maybe more) really is amazing...sometimes

When it works, it works

Coming mostly from a Ruby and Spring background, you tend to seek out ways to make your project go simply...

Apr 12, 2023
Ruby ain't Go, and vice versa

When last I nerded

Many years ago, when I last spent the bulk of my free time doing silly tech things mostly for myself, I...

Apr 9, 2023
Don't call it a comeback

I have, actually, been here for years

Just not here here. Motivation has been lacking to generate a personally made website and do anything with...

Apr 8, 2023